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What I Want to Know Is, When I'm Asleep, Do I Really Remember How to Fly?

When; February 26th, 27th, and 28th
Rating; G to PG-13 (please make a note if your thread goes higher and needs a warning!)
Characters; All residents of the City who are not native-born to the City
Summary; The Animal Trinity and their entourage have opened ways out of the City. All those who are not native-born citizens will be asked to leave before March 1.

We would like to ask for your cooperation in this part of the endgame plot. Even if you think your character would refuse to leave, we are asking you to find an IC reason for your character to leave. No player characters will be left in the City. So please find a reason for your character to leave the City. If you can't think of a reason for your character to leave, the Animal Trinity or their entourage or the Deities or the Anonymous Movement may offer your character incentives to leave. (We're also not putting too many limits on what or how much characters can take with them. They can't take an entire building, brick by brick, but if you want your character to cart all their furniture and possessions out of the City with them, feel free!)

The choice is up to each person where he or she wishes to go after leaving the City. Remember the Happy Ending Clause that we set up.

One can go home, one can go to another world entirely, one can accompany someone else to his or her world, one can find a world not so unlike the City. Perhaps there are more and other doors elsewhere even after the City. But know that the ways into the City will be shut hereafter. The City will no longer draw in unwilling captives. Those whom it tries to draw in will be turned in their path by the new guardians of the City and sent elsewhere.

But choose a world--perhaps a place to start anew, perhaps a place to live the life that was shown by the City's own curse, perhaps home. The possibilities now are endless.

Please feel free to use this log as a place for final farewells and to play your character's exit from the City.

Log; The Doors out of the City have been opened. The Animal Trinity have been settled as the new guardians of the City. Their message was clear (more or less): they and the Deities and now the Anonymous Movement will guard the City and keep it as a world for all those who have known no other world.

The Clock will always tick, the Carousel will always turn, the City will stand forever.

And now it is time for all those who have known other worlds than this to go on to still more and other worlds. To their own world, to a chosen world, to a world by chance, to another world entirely.

They meet in Misery Square--such a name; it suited it once before, and perhaps it suits it still--to say their last farewells to the City and to each other and to make their choices in what path their futures will take.

As the citizens begin to depart, all the names in the City Cemetery and in the Hall of the Missing burn across the sky in fiery and glittering letters. These are others who have been here and who are gone.

There is a sense of sadness but also of joy among the native-born citizens, the Anonymous Movement, and the Deities. This is their City now, their World, and they will live in the relative peace that it affords. And they wish all those who are leaving it well--and they truly do. There is a sense of a ship leaving port, of a long journey just beginning.

This is only the beginning of the adventure. Anything might happen.

After the last person has departed from the City, the Carousel will play a sweet and haunting song, a remembrance of all who had been here...
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omg, the title; Open to all

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There Demyx stands, ready to move on to another world aside from the City. He's been assured that he will not be dead there. This is a marked improvement on his own home world. He doesn't quite know where he's going, who else will be there, what it'll be like, or anything. But he's willing to try it. He's really going to miss all of the friends, yes, friends- he doesn't hesitate on that word anymore, not when he's sure he won't see most of them ever again- that he's made here.

He doesn't bring anything much, all the index cards that he's written while here, not only written with instructions, or notes on how people interact, but with the names of people he remembers, and what he remembers about them. He's been busy with those the last few days, since he heard they'd be forced to leave. But, he's okay with it. Really. Probably.

He's concerned that he will feel, really feel the way that he has been here; so different than when he first arrived. But then again, so much about him is different now.

And in another world, that will only get better.

He hopes.
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